Green Tax Service, LLC

Green Tax Service, LLC is a paperless, cloud-based tax firm focused on providing accurate returns that maximize the money you keep.

We strive for excellent customer service by developing personal relationships with our clients. We are environmentally friendly, using as little paper as possible and hosting our website using wind power. I currently am accepting only US based clients willing to work on remote basis. Please call 970-430-6151 or book a time to speak with me now. Schedule one today!

Individual and
Small Business Tax

We want to be YOUR 21st century tax preparer! Who we serve: Singles, Married Couples, Retirees, College Students, Sole Proprietors, Single Member LLCs. Especially if you are interested in going green.

- We will review your past three years of returns for errors and omissions, with the goal of recovering additional funds that you are owed.
- Unlimited access to your return, forever. We never charge when you need a copy of your return.
- We take the time to ask you the right questions, to ensure your tax burden is correct. Whether that is 30 minutes, 1 hour or two hours, we want to get it right.
- We provide you a tax checklist that helps you come prepared.
- We file all of our returns electronically, unless you request otherwise. We believe in a quick turnaround time.
- The security that comes from knowing your return is being prepared by an enrolled agent.

Going Paperless
Attend our FREE seminar

Attend an hour long seminar about going paperless. We will show you how to incorporate the following paperless workflows into your personal or business life.

- Reducing the amount of paper coming into your life.
- How to determine what paper is important.
- What to do with paper that is important and needs a home in your file cabinet.
- How to create a file system on your computer that is organized and easily searchable.
- How to name files so you will remember what it is later.
- How to search for documents.

We guarantee that you will learn a few tricks that will make your file cabinet smaller and your life a little easier.

After the seminar I will be available for hire to help you establish your paperless life.